Executive Team

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Jeff Bodzewski 

Partner & Chief Executive Officer

Jeff has been a trusted counselor to brands including Google, Boston Beer, Unilever, Lyft, Discover Financial, and AT&T as they look to drive revenue. Harvard Business Review profiled my work in reaching actionable consumer insights, Corinium named me one of the Top 50 Analytics professionals in the US/Canada.



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Justin McAneny 

Partner & Chief Strategy Officer

Justin has more than 15 years experience using digital strategy and storytelling to help companies monetize their web properties, social media, and emerging tech.


A generalist amongst digital strategists, Justin has found success reaching consumers at scale using various digital touchpoints.



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Andrew Strickland 

Chief Technology Adviser

Andrew is a veteran tech leader and CEO of Pixel and Texel. He has been at the forefront of AR, VR, and mobile for nearly two decades. Andrew guides the team to find new and innovative ways to leverage tech in an extended retail world.


Andrew believes that overlaid digital experiences are the future of all things mobile, wearable, and web.