The chocolate and candy industries experienced some of the largest eComm increases in 2020 so it was natural for us to explore the barriers, preferences and opportunities it might present for Extended Retail™.

The results of our commissioned study of US chocolate shoppers should both hearten and scare chocolate companies as well as those in food and CPG where "habit" is often mistaken for brand loyalty.

Buying chocolate online is becoming increasingly comfortable for the general consumer (the good news) yet nearly half stick to their favorites (bad news - a recipe for burnout). The unmet need? 53% want personalized recommendations to give them confidence to buy new products and try new brands. Few if any websites whether in chocolate or most other industries do this beyond a very basic chatbot or recommendation engine.

WHAT IT MEANS: People want real guidance akin to what they have in a physical store rather than simply being served basic recommendations from past purchases. That's why nearly 25% of respondents indicated that they would buy more from a company that offers an AR assistant or experience to guide them. The time is now to both offer new 3D and AR experiences to grow order size, increase loyalty and decrease abandoned carts or watch another in your space target your customers knowing many are actively exploring new brands.